The Bread of Life

Date 2010-02-17

The most compelling argument you will ever hear regarding our Lord’s own words, “I am the bread of life.” At this utterance, the disciples ran away because they did indeed understand what he meant. Do you have life in you?


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AM I BAD? Recovering from Abuse

Date 2009-12-09

Child abuse so mangles the soul that the victim actually attracts predators for a lifetime. Abusers can spot their wounded prey from a block away just as a hawk looks for a limping animal. One in three girls and one in four boys are abused in the U.S. each year. Few professionals know how to recognize the signs or treat the very deep wounds. The interview gives hope to victims and help to professionals.


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Finding Your Calling and Your Self

Date 2009-12-09

Most people go to their graves without ever knowing who they really are. And few even try to find out. The way is not by trial and error but by asking. When you discover your calling, you discover your unique self.


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Death on the Run: the Birth of the Christ

Date 2009-11-19

Perhaps the most penetrating, unforgettable account of the Christmas story you will ever hear. You will want to share this message with your family and friends.


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As a Little Child

Date 2009-10-20

Just what is it that makes children so delightful? And why did Jesus say we must become like a little child to enter the kingdom? Here are some answers that will make you laugh, give you fresh insights, and profoundly affect how you regard children and yourself!


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