The Bread of Life

Date 2010-02-17

The most compelling argument you will ever hear regarding our Lord’s own words, “I am the bread of life.” At this utterance, the disciples ran away because they did indeed understand what he meant. Do you have life in you?


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  1. video production companies says:

    I am the living bread that descended from paradise; in the event that anybody eats of this bread, he will live everlastingly; and, for a reality, the bread that I should give is my tissue for the sake of the life of the world.

  2. write my paper says:

    In case you are familiar with the Bible you can find much more arguments supporting this statement. Basically spirituality can be compared to bread in materialistic world.

  3. write me an assignment says:

    The use of the Bread of Life is like the Light of the World title in John 8:12 where Jesus states: "I am the light of the world: he who tails me might not stroll in darkness, but rather should have the light of life.

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    i'm very keen on your blogging and posting. inside the being publish, it's miles the maximum vital and useful publish that's so amazing revel in as we are able to that where such a pleasing places in that development thank you.

  5. assignment writing services uk says:

    By bread of life, Jesus implies the showing that he is, by what he says, how he acts, and truth be told, his identity, the Word of God. Jesus is the Word talked by God, who uncovers God to us in the most entire way that could be available.

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